EEG/PSG Ambulatory
2 April, 2018

Video EEG 32/64/128/256 channels

EEG up to 256 Channels  

BrainBox EEG-1166


Software in Spanish, includes brain mapping and

Crisis detector

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  • EEG system configurable from 64 to 256 channels
  • Neuron Spectrum.NET software in Spanish and with a free license
  • Multiple electrode connection options
  • The smallest amplifier in the world


System of 64 up to 256 EEG channels  

The BrainBox system is flexible when configured with up to 256 EEG channels for high density recording and with an Ethernet network interface for communication with the PC that allows several patients to be connected on the same computer using the Neuron Spectrum.NET software in its Spanish version

The amplifier has multiple options for connecting electrodes, you can work with conventional cup electrodes of touch-proof connector, clips or caps of different sizes


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