8 channels EMG (optional VEP/AEP/SSEP)
2 April, 2018
BST Neuronavigator for EMT
2 April, 2018

Visor LT Navigator for Pre-surgical Cortical Mapping

ANTNeuro Neuronavigator

Model VISOR 2/LT


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Neuro Browser for Pre-Surgical Cortical Mapping

The TMS transcranial magnetic stimulation allows the focused, painless stimulation of several regions of the brain. Specialized performance can consider which region of the brain is stimulated only by having sufficient knowledge of the anatomy of the brain and the shape of the magnetic field induced by a coil. However, the stimulation is kept “blind”. Visor2 and LT Visor, both TMS ™ navigation systems offer the opportunity to see the brain region stimulated.

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