2 April, 2018

EEG/PSG Ambulatory

EEG/PSG 21+ channels 

Neuron Spectrum AM


Wireless EEG / PSG Ambulatory Recorder

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EEG/PSG Ambulatory

  • 21 high resolution EEG channels, real-time data transfer via Wi-Fi
  • Complete channels for PSG registration
  • Multi-day ambulatory EEG and PSG recording in external memory
  • Long-term EEG monitoring for epileptic activity detection
  • Impedance control during registration


High quality registration EEG / PSG recorder

The Neuron Spectrum AM allows you to record EEG with 21 channels according to the international standard of electrode placement 10-20 with standard electrodes or with a cap in autonomous mode thanks to the fact that it works with batteries Rechargeable and the data is stored in an external memory with recording capacity of up to 30 days, you can transmit the record in real time to your workstation via high-speed Wi-Fi and the patient can move free of cables.

In addition to the 21 EEG leads the amplifier is equipped with connectors for complete PSG study registration in accordance with AASM standards, it is equipped with pulse oximeter to estimate oxygen saturation in the blood during sleep, connectors for air flow sensors (thermistor or cannula), abdominal and thoracic effort, snoring, light and body position.


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