8 channels EMG (optional VEP/AEP/SSEP)
2 April, 2018
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
2 April, 2018

BST Neuronavigator for EMT

Neuronavigator for EMT

Model BST

Precision in transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy

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BST Neuronavigator for EMT

Neuro Browser for more effective and accurate EMT application

The Neuro Navigator is a certified medical device which accurately locates the points indicated in the MRI for the positioning of the coil in the patient’s head to perform Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Being more accurate the positioning of the coil in the patient’s head will need fewer participants in their research project to obtain significant results and the EMT treatment is much more efficient achieving better benefits for the patient.

The Neuro Navigator has been successfully used in numerous laboratories and clinics around the world for years. It is easy to use, lightweight, portable and comfortable. This device was developed in cooperation with scientists, doctors and engineers of the University of Utrecht  in the Netherlands

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Demonstration of the Neuronavigator                        Demonstration of the Neuronavigator


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