5 channels EMG (optional VEP/AEP/SSEP)
2 April, 2018
BST Neuronavigator for EMT
2 April, 2018

8 channels EMG (optional VEP/AEP/SSEP)

8 Channel EMG/PE  

Model Neuro MEP 8

EMG system and portable PE

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8 channels EMG (optional VEP/AEP/SSEP)

  • 8 channels for rapid EMG and Neuroconduction studies
  • Portable with optional PE module and built-in stimulator output
  • All in one: electrical stimulation output, PE, control keypad and screen
  • High acquisition quality: sampling rate up to 100 KHz

8 acquisition channels for tests with EMG needle, Neuro Conduction and Evoked Potentials

Software in Spanish, compact and autonomous when working with a laptop. With its small size that includes electrical stimulation output (up to 100mA), auditory stimulators, visual by pattern and flash for evoked potentials and 8 EMG and VCN feedback channels makes the exams fast and easy.

High quality acquisition signal, sampling rate of up to 100 KHz with ADC signal digitization capability with high quality strokes in any circumstance without the need for spills due to the fact that connection and power supply is through the USB port

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