Cortical Electric Stimulator
3 April, 2018
Screener OAE
3 April, 2018


Auditory Digital System PE, EOA and Audiometry

Neuro Audio


Software in Spanish and high quality of registration

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  • All-in-one solution for ABR, EOA, ASSR, ECochG, Audiogram records
  • Automatic Multi ASSR Test
  • VEMP with biofeedback
  • New standard in routine tests with current medical regulations


Compact and portable for hearing threshold detection

With a wide variety of objective and subjective tests for evaluation of the integrity of the auditory pathway through the diagnosis of acoustic and vestibular involvement all in a USB connection unit, using this equipment you can perform ABR, ASSR, multi-ASSR, M LR, LLR / CAEP, TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, ECochG, VEMP, P300, MMN and pure tone audiometry in a simple and reliable way.

The Neuro Audio system has a modern interface, database, configuration and editing of normal values, test templates and reports with approval of FDA, CE, and other certifications.


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