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12 February, 2020
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Gait Assessment and Training System

Gait Assessment and Training System


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Gait evaluation and training system.

A considerable number of patients with orthopedic, neurological, joint and neuromuscular disorders, dorsopathy and other disorders of the locomotor, central and peripheral nervous system have a high rehabilitation potential
and require active treatment and rehabilitation.
In these groups of patients, one of the main objectives of rehabilitation is the recovery of walking. In this case, the specificity of rehabilitation is based on the recovery or compensation of modified or lost gait functions.
The Steadys Gait Trainer with Biofeedback (BFB) is designed to evaluate
gait parameters and perform patient-centered rehabilitation using the individual measurements obtained.
With Steadys a patient with gait disorders learns to walk again.


  1. IMU sensors:
    Neurosens Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors are miniature, watch-sized electronic devices that are placed on a patient. They simultaneously record temporal, spatial and kinematic gait parameters and EMG data.
    The delivery set includes three sensors: two of them are placed on the patient’s legs and one is fixed on the patient’s back to record body movements during walking.
  2. Treadmill:
    It is used to evaluate gait and perform training in a controlled and reproducible environment. You can apply Steadys with any treadmill, including those already assembled in your medical center.
  3. BFB Monitor:
    guarantees the patient visual and audio information in real time.
  4. Body weight support system:
    reduces the load on the lower extremities and
    prevents the patient from falling while walking on the treadmill.
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