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18 February, 2020
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20 February, 2020

VNS-Micro Vascular Neuropathy Evaluation System


Vascular Neuropathy Evaluation System


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VNS-Micro Vascular Neuropathy Evaluation System

Complex study of the autonomic nervous system with the use of techniques such as:

analysis of resting heart rate variability (CRV) according to the international standard

analysis of heart rate variability in orthostatic testing;

diagnosis of diabetic and alcoholic neuropathy with the use of cardiovascular reflex tests

the cross-analysis of heart rate and respiratory rate variability that allows the synchronization of related systems to be evaluated (a wide dispersion of resting respiratory frequencies may be an early sign of psycho-vegetative disorders).

Simultaneous acquisition of respiratory rate and heart rate variability

VNS-Micro ensures simultaneous study of heart and respiratory rate and also performs a cross-analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) and respiratory rate variability (BRV).

The CRC and VRB cross-analysis ensures the correct interpretation of the results in patients with an unusual respiratory rhythm and in children.

VNS-Micro implements the battery of cardiovascular reflex tests for patients suffering from toxic diabetic and autonomic neuropathy.


You can take the VNS-Micro and the laptop to perform the on-site test. The device is powered by a laptop through the USB cable. The vegetotester data is transferred to the PC (again via the USB cable). VRH can be recorded anywhere: even if the laptop is not powered from the mains, the device will be powered by the laptop’s battery.

Automatic report generation

After the evaluation of the VRH and the analysis of the cardiovascular test, the report is generated. It includes rhythms, spectrograms, measurement tables and automatic interpretation. A doctor can make any changes to the report. It is possible to generate a report automatically and print it

VNS-Micro Vascular Neuropathy Evaluation System 

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